Looking for superior imagery for your business, real estate listing, or rental property? Introducing Julie, Stephen, and Ali from MiLookingGlass. With a unique combination of experience in Virtual Reality, Photography, Marketing, and Real Estate, we know how to frame all of the shots to highlight the unique qualities of your location. We  go beyond traditional imagery options with our technology, creative eye, and an unwavering commitment to quality.


The equipment behind our imagery is cutting edge. Every inch of your location is captured with 4K resolution for a crisp, immersive result.  Your virtual tour and still-frame photos are shot on a laser-guided Matterport camera that allows viewers to enter your space from anywhere in the world. Your space will also be captured from the air by a state-of-the-art drone led by one of our FAA licensed pilots.


MiLookingGlass produces an imaging experience like no other. With the combination of our skill, passion, and equipment, your images literally become experiences. Our Multimedia Portals allow you to share all of the imagery on one link. You only get one first impression, and recently, that has become digital. Make sure you are leaving the impression you want on possible clients with professional, stunning visual media.